Merino’s Premium Canned Seafood.

Yes, there is such a thing as Premium Canned Seafood. This guilt-free pleasure will excite the taste buds. It is often considered binge-worthy among many of our customers. Each product is individually hand-packed. We employ genuine regard for excellence in all our products. Enjoy Merino’s canned tuna, salmon, oysters, Dungeness crab and more.

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Commodore Gift Pack


Commodore Gift Pack 00021

This is the deluxe gift pack will a variety of our seasonal premium canned seafood.

2 Dungeness Crab

2 Pink Shrimp

2 Lightly Salted Albacore Tuna

2 Wild King Salmon

1 Smoked King Salmon

1 Garlic Smoked King Salmon

1 Smoked Sturgeon

1 Smoked Oysters

$110 In stock
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Commodore Gift Pack Commodore Gift Pack