What shipping options do you offer?
For canned products, we ship USPS which will reach most US destinations in 3-5 days. Fresh and frozen products are vacuum sealed and packed in an approved cooler with frozen gel packs and are sent overnight by Fedex. Only a physical address can receive fresh & frozen items.

Currently, we are not offering fresh & frozen items online, please call us to place your order.

Is your tuna "dolphin safe"?
Yes! Our tuna is caught by fishermen using troll and pole methods of fishing. Far offshore the schools of young tuna gather near the surface to feed. After landing, the fish are flash frozen right on the boats to preserve freshness. We pride ourselves on helping to maintain a sustainable future of seafood.

Where can I find nutritional information for your tuna?
Currently, only our Albacore-Lightly Salted and Albacore-No Salt have been nutritionally analyzed.

Do you offer a discount for group or corporate sales of seafood packs?
Yes, please call for a quote for group sales over 10 packs to get the best price we can offer you. Our seafood packs make the best food gift for the holidays we can think of! Order early when planning for group sales.

How long is the shelf life of canned seafood?
The ‘best by’ dates for our canned seafood are mostly 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Do you add liquid to your canned tuna?
No. Our fish is solid, white albacore plus we offer natural spices and flavors with some of our products. Specialty canned sea foods may contain a minimal amount of water such as our Minced Clams or Pacific Pink Shrimp.