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Albacore-lightly salted

6 oz. can Pole Caught Tuna
( Avg. Score 5.0 / 5 )  # Of Reviews: 5

A natural source of Omega-3.  We fillet each fish and hand pack each can with a pinch of salt. Yum!

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User Reviews For Albacore-lightly salted


Average Score: 5.0 / 5

We blame it our our sister

"OK, full disclosure, I'm Sheila L's brother. Came here to write a review and had to laugh that she had already written one. Our younger sister gave me two cans for christmas a year ago as well and they were amazing. I ordered a case of this for myself and my son when those were gond and we just finished it. It is so good you won't want to go back to any other brand of tuna. This is a whole chunk of solid tuna meat and is better tasting and better texture than anything I've ever had before. Ordering my second case of this today."

JordanP - Seattle, WA


Are you kidding me?!

"We just made sandwiches with the solid albacore tuna, and it was out-of-this-world delicious!! Thanks!! :)"

Tia - Silverdale, WA


Five Stars!

"First Star = Succulence! Mmm-mm. It's got a tuna lover's TEXTURE & TASTE! Second Star = Sustainability! Trolled or "poled" to protect ocean life and sea birds. Third Star = Service! Expect to receive the very best customer service. Fourth Star = Seasoning! Perfected! Fifth Star = Savings! I hate to pay $5 for a can of tuna, BUT! It's a 6-OUNCE CAN!"

Grandma Hook - Pottstown, Pennsylvania



"My sister bought my husband 2 cans for Christmas, but I ate it all - it IS the best tuna ever. Now I'm buying it, and glad I can get it online!"

Sheila L - Seattle, WA


Real Tuna!

"I had the opportunity to try this thanks to a friend and can't say enough good about it! The best tuna I have ever eaten! And the great thing is it is a product of the USA and only has tuna and salt as the ingredients! Thank you "

Susan Heanssler - Deer Isle, Maine



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