Merino’s Online Seafood Store

Welcome to our Online Store! Here you can find our Premium Canned Seafood, and Freshly Frozen Vacuum Packed Seafood. Our seafood is responsibly sourced locally from Westport’s own fishing families.

Merino's Wild Caught Salmon!
From right off the coast of Washington, delivered to your door! Enjoy "The Taste of Westport."

Merino's Salmon is Troll Caught in the wild from the North Pacific by local fishing vessels just miles off of our Washington coast. Our locally caught and hand processed Salmon delivers a high-quality product while supporting our coastal communities, providing essential jobs for our families right here in the beautiful Northwest. We are Owned and Operated by a long-time local family that cares about the local community and local fisheries.

Fresh Frozen Seafood orders ship every Tuesday for orders placed by the previous Sunday.

Our Fresh-Frozen Seafood is currently available online to customers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
Customers located in other regions of the United States please call us, and we would be glad to take your order over the phone.

We will be offering more online destinations soon.