Merino’s Seafood Market

Summer Hours

Seafood Market: 10:00 – 6:00
Fish N’ Chips Restaurant: Sun thru Thurs 11:00 – 6:00 Friday & Sat 11:00 – 7:00

For many years, Merino’s Seafood Market has been a cherished part of the Westport community. We offer a wide variety of services and a diverse selection of locally sourced seafood. Our retail market is always stocked with the freshest seafood Westport has to offer, thanks to the dedication of local fishing families from Westport and the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in providing only the finest wild-caught seafood. Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, and we ensure that all our seafood is responsibly harvested.

Fresh Seafood

Quality is also of vital importance to us. Our staff always takes the most excellent care to ensures that each product is the very best. Visit us any time of the year and enjoy the bounty. You’ll likely find some of our famous Smoked Salmon, coveted Clam Chowder, and our seasonally available fresh Chinook salmon, Rockfish, Halibut, Cod, Dungeness Crab, and more. We also have fresh-frozen vacuum-packed seafood available throughout the year.

Premium Canned Seafood

We Specialize in premium canned seafood. All of our seafood comes from the wild and is caught by local Westport fishing vessels. We pride ourselves on our high standards of quality. We employ our “Fin to Tin” mentality, to ensure that each hand-packed can of seafood is the best available and truly represents what we love about what it is we do. With a variety like Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Smoked Oysters, Dungeness Crab, and Razor Clams, We are sure our premium canned seafood won’t disappoint and leave you surprised at how good canned seafood can really be.

Now Serving Fish N’ Chips

That’s Right! Merino’s now has a walk-up window for Fish N’ Chips! You can swing by seven days a week and pick yourselves up some hot and tasty local caught seafood. We have a variety of locally caught seafood on the menu.